NingBo YongFeng Hot dip Galvanizing Co.,Ltd was established in 2002, Our plant covers a total area of 22,000㎡and has two Galvanizing lines and the output is high to 87,000 tons per year.

Sizes of the two kettles.
Line one: 15m(length)×(2.1-2.5)m(width)×3m(depth), Capacity: 660 tons of liquid zinc
Line two: 6.8m (length)×1.8m(width)×3.2m(depth), Capacity: 250 tons of liquid zinc

Yongfeng(Ningbo) have undertaken many hot dip galvanizing projects, both domestic and overseas. Our galvanized products have been used in many significant construction projects all over the country, such as in Hangzhou Bay Bridge, Guangzhou large-scale carnie, NingBo airport expressway, Yanan overhead bridge in Shanghai,wires for Xiangan power station in Fujian, poles for Station Power (Jiangsu Xiangcheng District); constructional steel for Sureshot , Pakistan, Italy, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia State Power ; exportation of highway guarding shield to Japan , of steel sheet to USA, Spain, Singapore, 60% of the total galvanized products are exported to Japan, USA, Malaysia, Middle East, Italy, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

Factory surroundings
NingBo YongFeng Hot dip Galvanizing Co.,Ltd has 120 staffs with 2 senior engineer,16 Administrative clerks and 14Intermediate specialists.
The two galvanizing lines were designed by both the professors from SCUT and skilled experts, one equipped with the kettle from Germany and burning system ,controlling system from USA, the other is self-designed by SCUT professors using state-made electric heating and automatic temperature control. The galvanizing lines are both keeping up with the international level in facility, equipment, automation, and yielding capacity.
Key equipment:automatic temperature controlling(USA), a set of burning system , high voltage supporting, “3 waste”abatement system ,flux cleaning system.

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