Shanghai JuFeng Hot dip Galvanizing Co.,Ltd was established in 2007, Our plant covers a total area of 33,681㎡and has two Galvanizing lines and the output is high to 75,000 tons per year.

Sizes of the two kettles.
Line one: 12.6m(length)×1.8m(width)×3m(depth), Capacity:460 tons of liquid zinc
Line two: 7m (length)×2.2m(width)×3.3m(depth), Capacity: 330 tons of liquid zinc

We have undertaken many hot dip galvanizing projects, both domestic and overseas. Our galvanized products have been used in many significant construction projects all over the country, such as constructional steel of MaDun company for Beijing Olympic Games Stadium , constructional steel of BaoSteel for Shanghai World Expo Construction, constructional steel of ZPMC(Shanghai ZhenHua Port Machinery Corporation) for tower crane used in harbor ,steel pipes of ship-special of JNSC(JiangNan Shipyard Corporation ),Steel Bracket of Beijing Jianghe Corporation for the constructional curtain wall in LuJiaZui financial district, constructional steel of HYTORC Corporation for Solar energy receiving tower, and so on.
We have cooperated with many famous international companies for years, such as Abacus in UK,Menk in Germany, Matsuo in Japan,and so on. Most of our products as 70 percent are exported to Japan, USA,EU, South America, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

Factory surroundings
Shanghai Jufeng covers an area of 33691㎡ and has 150 staffs with 23 Administrative clerks and 18 Intermediate specialists.
Our galvanizing process is directed and supported by SJTU and SCUT and designed creatively for stable quality, energy saving, environment protecting as keeping up with the international level.

We have two sets of zinc melting and galvanizing kettles
Line one in the first workshop: 12.6m(length)×1.8m(width)×3m(depth), Capacity:450 tons of liquid zinc
Line one in the first workshop: 7m (length)×2.2m(width)×3.3m(depth), Capacity: 360 tons of liquid zinc

Both of the kettles are equipped with electric heating and automatic temperature control, and supported by 28 other kinds of bath and flux cleaning treatment.

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