Haiyang YongFeng Hot dip Galvanizing Co, Ltd was established in 2009, the plant covers a total area of 72,000㎡, plans to construct two galvanizing lines of capacity of 120,000 tons per year. One line (the first plant) has already performed trial production in May ,2010,planning a 60,000 tons galvanizing per year. The establishing date of second one is market oriented.
There has been one Galvanizing lines already and the output is high to 59,000 tons per year.

Sizes of the kettle.
13.8m(length)×(1.8-2.2)m(width)×3.5m(depth), Capacity: 620 tons of liquid zinc

Yongfeng(Haiyang) have undertaken many hot dip galvanizing projects, both domestic and overseas. Our galvanized products have been used in many significant construction projects, such as the street light pole and bracket for HuanWan avenue, Qingdao;combined tower of YuGong A,B220KV lines for Shenzhen power supplier; Bracket of South ChangChun 500KV power substations for Northeast power grid; Bracket of Zhenzhou(east Hui)500KV power substations for Guangdong power grid; Bracket of North Yangcheng 500KV power substations for Shanxi Province, Communication steel tower of GSM,WCDMA for China Unicom in Shaanxi. The famous domestic and foreign fellows are Valmont(USA),Wuxiao Group(Qingdao), Raffles yacht(Yantai),Jianyi corporation(Shandong),Fenghui corporation(Shandong).Our products are exported to Japan, USA, India, EU, South America, South Africa, Italy, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

Factory surroundings
Haiyang YongFeng Hot dip Galvanizing Co, Ltd was established in 2009, the plant covers a total area of 71,999.28 m2 (108 Acres), The first plant is about 8,640m2, the zinc kettle is 13.8m(length)×(1.8-2.2)m(width)×3.5m(depth), capacity of liquid zinc is 620 tons, and this line is equipped with 10t/10t×22.3m LH electric cranes of double girder and hook, as well as a set of high-voltage power distribution equipment,16 bath of greasing ,pickling, cleaning, fluxing, cooling ,passivating. Except this , the plant also has a 3-ton foreforked forklift , waste treatment set,fluxing recycling set.
There are 30 staffs in this plant , in which are 8 Administrative clerks, 4 Intermediate specialists respectively. We have long-term cooperation with TsingHuaU, SJTU, SCUT making constant innovation , The galvanizing line and process is designed by the professors from SCUT and keeping up with the international level in facility, equipment, automation, and yielding capacity.

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