AnshanYongFeng Hot dip Galvanizing Co.,Ltd ,established in 2007, the plant covers an area of 24163㎡and has two Galvanizing lines. The output is high to 130,000 tons per year. Sizes of the two kettles.

Line one: 14.6m(length)× (2.5-3)m(width)× 4m(depth), Capacity:1050 tons of liquid zinc, the kettle is one of the largest all over the country.
Line two: 7m (length)×2.2m(width)×3.3m(depth),Capacity:320 tons of liquid zinc.

We mainly galvanized the products for Liaoyuan Industrial Corporation and Power supplying system of Liaoning Province including electrical power pole, street lamp pole, electricity transmitting tower, large transformer radiators , bridge bracket, road sign posts, and so on.

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